Robert Larsen — Network & Security Architect / Consultant (Watford, United Kingdom)

Executive Summary

I have over 30 years' experience in the IT industry, most of which has been spent in networking/telecoms in the UK and Europe, where I’ve worked in varied roles such as technical consulting, network design/architecture, pre-sales support, operational support and software engineering/development. After emigrating to Wellington, New Zealand in 2008, I worked in a number of roles for over 13 years (gaining NZ citizenship in the process), before moving back to the UK in March 2022.

My experience has been gained in a wide range of organisations, from start-ups, through enterprises and to large service providers and telcos. I have worked in both team environments and on an individual and independent basis.

My background has a strong hands-on element to it, and as such I get satisfaction from being able to test a design in a lab to prove that it will work before deployment in a production environment. To back this up, I have over 20 years experience with Cisco’s IOS, routers and switches, as well as more than 14 years experience with Juniper’s JUNOS, routers and NetScreen firewalls.

I very much enjoy customer-facing roles since no two customers are alike, and so the variety this gives is always a challenge that I am keen to take on. Taking part in in-depth technical discussions with customers forms a key part of being able to fully understand their requirements, which is essential to being able to deliver a successful solution.

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